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A Torre de Laxe is located at the top of Soesto Valley (in front of Pazo de Leis), where you can enjoy the magnificent sea views of Soesto, the Ría de Laxe and the village of Corme in the distance. Surrounded by mountains, the contrast with the sea makes you behold an amazing place.

Its strategic location in Costa da Morte makes easy know its charm. Less than 3 minutes away is the beach of Laxe, of Soesto and Traba, with its viewpoints of birds, the lagoon and dunes where you can enjoy its rich biodiversity.

At 2 km distance you can find "Penedos de Traba and Pasarela" with its fanciful shapes made by the erosion that reminds animal shapes.

At 3 km distance, to the East, you can also find the Dolmen de Dombate and the Celtic city of Borneiro.

Our Hotel is near to the fishing town of Laxe. A sea-town dream made of a non-ending coast line that goes straight to the end of the world, Finisterre that is just 60 Km form the property.

The same distance that takes arrive to A Coruña takes to Santiago de Compostela, pilgrims destiny and historic key city in Galicia.

Magic, legends and sea mix themselves in this green atmosphere that will take you to another universe, a universe made of green and blue.